Motivation to digest Allama Iqbal’s poetry in Quaid-e-Azam’s letter

State Guest House
Hyderabad Dn
9th August 1941

Every great movement has a philosopher and Iqbal was the philosopher of the National Renaissance of Muslim India. He in his works has left an exhaustive and most valuable legacy behind him and a message not only for the Musalmans but for all other nations of the world.

Iqbal was a poet who inspired Muslims with the spirit and determination to restore to Islam its former glory and although he is no more with us, his memory will grow younger and younger with the progress and development of Muslim India.

His works should therefore, be read and digested by every Musalman to create solidarity, and we should all try to organise the Muslims throughout India economically, educationally, socially and politically.

M. A. Jinnah

Shahid Hussain Razzaqi, Esq,
Gulberga – Deccan


Zardari Government Turns Down Uranium Deal For Pakistan

The Zardari government cited budgetary constraints to refuse uranium from Kazakhstan. But the real story is that the government has accepted aid in exchange for what appears to be a freeze on Pakistan’s advanced nuclear and strategic programs.  These were Washington’s conditions. And it is part of a wider pattern.

Some of the points of the deal that have been highlighted are:-

  1. Transit right to India for free.
  2. American ‘supervision’ over Pak Nukes.
  3. Sharing of sites where nukes are kept.
  4. Pakistan’s enriched uranium will go to America.
  5. Cut money for nuclear and missile programs.
  6. Tell Kazakhstan we don’t have money and let India get the Uranium deal.
  7. Rumors about cutting funds for JF-17 thunder project.

Are they putting Pakistan up for sale?

Read the complete article here.

A Look at the Propaganda against Zaid Hamid

I’ve been following this controversy for some days now. Please listen to Zaid’s response in the video mentioned. I’ve been listening to Zaid Hamid for quite some time as well and honestly, I haven’t found a single thing against the Quran & Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The answer he’s given is quite comprehensive in my opinion but still some cynical people can’t stop arguing saying why he hasn’t explicitly rejected Yousuf Kazzab in this speech.

Let’s also take a look at a recent conversation about the Khatm-e-Nabowat in Iqbal ka Pakistan episode 24:-

Update: Zaid Hamid questioned about Yousuf and his response. It’s a MUST SEE!

Another reference that’s been given at another location http://islamabadobserver. responds/
a guy says that “zaid hamid defended yousuf ali in dawn 13th aug 2000”, Now I went over to Dawn’s official website and thought I should take a look at the archives but the oldest one available there are of the year 2002.

Another thing you’ll notice that this whole propaganda is being fired up on the internet mostly on these looney toon type blogs whose authenticity is comletely questionable, we don’t even know for sure who’s writing such things let alone whether it’s a qadiyani or some other anti-Islamic element.

The things I want to highlight here are
1) once there was a time when even the renowned scholar Maulana Maududi was declared as kafir and there was a huge huge amount of propaganda floating all over.
2) Putting a false allegation (bohtan) on the iman of some muslim is a Gunah-e-kabeera. Please try and stay at a safe distance as I’m saying, I haven’t been able to find a single thing in Zaid Hamid’s whole campaign that is against Quran and Sunnah and he also says if there is please let me know.

As a matter of fact I find him a very inspiring Muslim who’s actually trying to make things right in this society which is better than at least a million other Pakistanis and Muslims who are so very much busy thinking about getting themselves out from here somehow, make huge money and enjoy they’re bloody mechanical amusements and ENJOY LIFE as this is the only reason they’re living out their miserable lives which is based on nothing else but a day-to-day survival routine.

Again I would say, there’s nothing personal against any one. Hope the points I’ve highlighted prove helpful in understanding the truth.

In the end I’d like to tell you guys that there’s been a guy who’s been trying to warn me of the DANGERS of following Zaid Hamid’s views. He gave me that link I mentioned above. I argued with him with almost the same arguments I’ve put up here and at the end I asked for a video of that Yousuf Kazzab audio that they mention (in which Yousuf calls a guy Syed Zaid Zaman not Zaid Hamid) so that I can see the face of Zaid Hamid as well to confirm that Syed Zaid Zaman = Zaid Hamid) but he says… oh I don’t have the video of this… Now what kind of crap is this anyway?

The way I see it is that there are many powers that don’t want the Muslim nation especially the people of Pakistan to actually know what’s happening to them and know and work on ways to get things right, because it is in their greater interests that Pakistan stays destabilized  and continue to swirl on this Democracy/Dictatorship see-saw forever with the people of Pakistan not knowing why this is happening to them. If somebody like Zaid Hamid comes up and reveals the roots of the Ummah to them again, they get pissed off.

The fact of the matter is this: The solution to the problem of the Muslim Ummah lies in the

  • Re-establishment of the Khilafah(Caliphate) System.
  • Getting rid of these traitors ruling us since the collapse of the Khilafah in 1924.

In the end I urge all the Pakistani citizens especially the students who’ve in their minds, left the country forever, to come back. The collapse of the American and British empires have begun. This is the time when Islam and Pakistan needs you. Be a part of this destiny. If you choose to live there, you might have a very luxurious life but I’m telling you, you will never get the peace and harmony inside you. If you come here, things might get nasty, yes, there might be sacrifices as well. But I tell you it’s gonna be worth it. It’d be a lot better than leaving you’re religion at stake for having a good luxurious life which as sure as you’re born, is gonna end someday soon anyway.

At the end, I just want everyone, every Muslim who’s reading this, to answer just one question:

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?


Update: May 19, 2009
Few days ago a university fellow of mine Mr. Jahan Zaid received this email which he shared  over the university’s mailing group. I’d like to share it with you as well.

Zaid Hamid’s Mail
aa and dua.

First of all Jazak Allah for writing to me directly for the clarification
and following the Sunnah and Sharia way of resolving confusing issues.
Though I have responded to allegations and clarified my positions many times
on Khatm Nubuwwat, I do feel to write to you in some detail. Just for your
record, I am repeating one brief reply.

“Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and
trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of
Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and
His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good
deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets
after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and love of
Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. Hasbu nallah
Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer.

Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be
“prophets” after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw).
Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar “prophets” and also
cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false
prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana,
Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His
serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira”

Alhamdolillah, for the last two weeks, we were in Haramain Shareefain and
also spent about a week in Masjid nabwai shareef presenting my case to Allah
and His Prophet (saw). I am indeed hurt. Not at the fact that I am being
opposed. In fact I am pleased at this. I am being opposed by Kafir banking
systems, Indan assets, hostile secret services, media cartels, government
proxies, religious and sectarian terrorists, and all those with whom Allah
and Rasul Allah has declared war against ie: Riba based system of Dajjal.
They have already tried to silence me by trying to buy me out. When that did
not work, they started a massive slander and Bohtan campaign from secular
english to “Islamic” media. Now we at Brasstacks are loosing clients and our
economic noose is being tightened to put pressure upon us. Now I am waiting
when they make a physical attack. Hasbunallah !!!

Alhamdolillah, I am happy and say shukar at this as this humble faqeer has
hurt and dented the system of Dajjal globally and given hope to this nation
in these times of trial and tribulations. When I opted and decided to tread
this path of Jihad and sacrifice at a very young age, I never expected it to
be bed of roses. It never has been, by Allah.

But I am hurt because now I am being accused of betraying the very sacred
soul who remains the centre of gravity of my soul, life, love, death and
honor — Sayyadna Muhemmed Rasul Allah Sallalla Alaihe wassalam. But then,
this time in Medina, I received the serenity and peace that inshallah, this
matter will be handled by Allah himself and I need not scoop to lowest of
levels or counter attack to lower levels to which these accusers have sunk
themselves. I have clarified my position as above. From the requirements of
Sharia, Sunnat and law, this should suffice for any Muslim to explain his
Imaan and beliefs. beyond this, I strongly urge people to come and visit me
and seek further clarifications. Things are not as they are being projected.
There is also another side of the story which they are not telling. But it
cannot be discussed on e-mailing matches and blogs with such characterless
and unreliable characters because it involves sharia documents, legal
doctrines, legal proof and Fatwas and statements of top religious scholars,
council of Islamic ideology and serious papers on abuse of blasphemy laws in
the country, sectarian wars abusing the law and its complex legal and
Islamic remedies. you will be shocked once you know the facts on how they
are lying from their teeth.

Let me sit face to face with the accusers and By Allah I shall confront
them on all counts in the presence of anyone who wants to sit and be the
judge. This is what sharia demands. I am NOT supposed to respond to shadows
on the wall who are simply accusing without fulfilling sharia requirements.
Also, it must be decided what should be the punishments for all those who
have violated every sacred law and accused me of bohtan without
verifications. Already so much of their lies are exposed. isn’t this enough
to prove that they are liars??? Again, why we ignore the hadees of Sayyadna
Rasul Allah that anyone who propagates hearsay without verifying is a liar
!!! By Allah, they are liars and slandering a Bohtan only. It is a heavy
burden they carry in dunya and indeed it would be heavier on day of
judgment. I will NOT make personal attacks on them nor scoop to their
levels. Let them do what they want.

I will add only a few more points to answer your questions and to complete
the hujjat: details on personal meeting inshallah. For now this should

I am NOT a follower of that idiot Yusuf. May Allah’s curse upon those who
accuse me of following him. But you should also try to study his case. Did
he really claim to be a Prophet? what did Maulana Sattar Niazi and dozens of
scholars say in writing about Yusuf? what is the sessions court judgment on
his conviction ? is he sentenced to death on claim of prophet hood or
something else? who were the witnesses whose evidence was used? Were sharia
and sunnah requirements were fulfilled in the sessions court ? Why no
religious scholar appeared in the court to testify against him? What was the
judgment of council of Islamic ideology after this case verdict? why no
media group projected the case except Khabrain and Takbeer ? In fact, Nawai
Waqt and nation defended Yusuf by publishing statements of top scholars
defending yusuf ????? Was that a case of blasphemy or money disputes and
sectarian warfare??? You MUST find this out.

I work, live and inshallah will die only for Allah and Sayyadna Muhemmed
Rasul Allah alone. I don’t work for any agency or secret group or cult,

Life of every Muslim is sacred and cannot be taken on suspicion. Property
of every Muslim of sacred and cannot be violated on suspicion. honor of
every Muslim is sacred and cannot be violated without fulfilling
requirements of Sharia and deen. The last sermon of Rasul Allah equates
life, property and honor with sacred day of Hajj and sacred city of Makka.
It is most unfortunate that those calling themselves as Muslims violate each
and every basic tenant of Islam by involving themselves in utter and
absolute Haram without any proof, sharia requirements or verifications. If
we believe in Allah and Rasul Allah and fear the day of judgment, then we
should be very very careful when a Muslim is accused of being a Kafir or
murtid or doing his Takfir.. This is greatest of sins.

Isn’t this strange that none of the accusers who write these articles seek
any clarification from me nor have met me, nor know me, nor know nor willing
to listen to any explanations. they keep coming back with pen names, e-mail
names, refusing to listen to any clarifications nor accepting my invitation
for a face to face debate ? what are they afraid of ? I left Karachi in 1992
and have never met any of these accusers ever since, if ever. most of them I
don’t even know. Have they given any proof of any allegations or still it is
just hearsay or stories of “personal” experiences so factually wrong and
lies that it is nauseating.

All my life has been spent on razor edge for the sake of Allah and Rasul
Allah (saw), risking and sacrificing everything that is considered precious
in this world for the sake of Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw) and this deen. I
was 22 years old when I went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets when a life
of worldly promise and brilliant career awaited me in Dunya. Spent six year
in battle fields, surviving on daily basis, with my parents, wife, kids and
loved ones not knowing in which valley my grave would be. I did not do all
that for money, sense of adventure or to serve any secret service. By Allah
it was and it still is for Allah, Rasul Allah and this Ummat e marhoom. When
I came out after six years, i had to struggle on daily basis once again to
feed and support my family. Jihad was NOT a paying venture. We spend from
our own pockets or given most minor wazeefa of few hundred rupees per month
by the jihadi commander we fought along with.

My present work of BrassTacks and its Azaan is also with the same junoon
and ‘dewangi”. It is Not for money or to serve any secret agenda. We have
done over 70 programs. Apart from being anything against Islam, Quran or
sunnah, these are highly subtle, sublime and sophisticated essence of deen
and khair reviving the Ummah and nation and attacking the entire exis of
Kufr and Dajjal. Cant we see the baraka and khair which Allah is giving to
this mission and its message.

My dear brother, in these times of fitnas, we need to be careful with
people, I agree. But we should also be careful that we don’t shoot down the
only message of dignity, honor and hope which has come out for this nation
to fight and confront those who have declared war on Allah and Sayyadna
Rasul Allah (saw). By Allah, I can say with confidence that those fighting
against us are either Nadan dost or Dana dushman. By trying to destroy us,
they only serve Zionists, bankers, Indians and our enemies of Pakistan and

May Allah be our guide and be my witness in what I have written. He is my
Wakeel and I rest my case with Him alone.

Jazak Allah once again and duago

Zaid Hamid