Could not execute CVTRES.EXE

Today I started woking on a windows application at home and I was very annoyed by the error I was getting whenever I tried to debug/build the application that said: “Could not execute CVTRES.EXE

Tried lots of things like giving full rights to “everyone”  on the debug folder and some other silly things, untill I found out that there was something in ZoneAlarm that was causing the problem. I had to uninstall and re-install ZoneAlarm. Turning it off was not sufficient. I never understood what was causing the problem at that time and to be honest I’m not too concerned with that either. May be there was some setting that needed a reset or something. But anyway like they say: “All is well that ends well”!

Hope some of you might find this useful someday.


How to activate Line numbers in Visual Studio 2005?

If you want the Visual Studio 2005 text editor to show you the line numbers all you have to do is to expand the Text Editor branch of the tree. Here you can see a list of all of the languages for which settings may be modified. We will enable line numbering for C# code editing. Expand the C# node of the tree and select the General section to reveal the settings. To enable source code line numbering, tick the appropriate check box. Click OK to accept the setting and the line numbers will appear.

Activating Line numbers in Visual Studio 2005 Text Editor
Activating Line numbers in Visual Studio 2005 Text Editor