What’s the difference between a mediocre and successful person’s mindset

The Middle Class competes…the World Class creates.What's the difference between a mediocre and successful mindset

The Middle Class avoids risk…the World Class manages risk.

The Middle Class loves to be comfortable. The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Middle Class hungers for security…The World Class doesn’t believe security exists.

The Middle Class sacrifices growth for safety. The World Class sacrifices safety for growth.

The Middle Class focuses on having…The World Class focuses on being.

The Middle Class is frustrated…The World Class is grateful.

The Middle Class has pipe dreams…The World Class has vision.

The Middle Class trades time for money…The World Class trades ideas for money.

The Middle Class is problem oriented…The World Class is solution oriented.

The Middle Class sees itself as a victim. The World Class sees itself as responsible.

The Middle Class thinks it knows enough…The World Class is eager to learn.

The Middle Class chooses fear…The World Class chooses growth.

Taken from: The Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold


How to find Qibla from almost anywhere in the world?

This post is particularly gonna be of use for my Muslim brothers and sisters. Ever since I came to Sweden, I was perplexed about how I can find the correct direction of Qibla without having any compass and with the date and time where the Sun comes right above Kaaba, many many days away. So I did some searching over the internet and I came to this very useful tool someone made to find the correct direction of Kaaba (Qibla) from anywhere in the world. It’s an application built using Google Maps and what it simply does is that it shows you the direction of Kaaba with it being the center point. I really appreciate this application since I had the exact kind of idea in my mind. Without any further delays, you should have a look at http://www.qiblalocator.com/

Hope you find it useful.

How to put a carriage return in with Find-Replace Dialog?

Today we had a funny situation, my friend generated some sql from his custom code and it needed to have a ‘Go’ statement in between,, because it had create procedure statements in it. So after a bit of googling, I found out that you can use Microsoft Word for it and use the ^p character in the Find-replace dialog to convert some text like we did. Find Create Replace with” Go ^p Create

hope some of you might find it useful someday!

blog for blog

howdy every one,

ah, well, feeling very sleepy right now and I’m just sittin here at my desk upgrading my VS .NET to SP 1. Just heard from my colleague that hey! just one blog in whole September? Just got a deadline tommorow and well here I am sitting with this dumb thing taking so much time So anyway I thought well, atleast there’s some one out there who cares about lookin into my blabbin. So I thought why not write a blog just to blog. So! how’s everyone doing out there han?

Tell me about it!

Windows 98: Just made the day.

well, yesterday I was to format my C drive and for that some dumb nut just gave me an idea of formatting it by booting the computer up with a Windows 98 CD, starting with the help of CD ROM Support and formatting the God damn drive. What happend is that it just slipped out of my mind that my C was actually an NTFS formatted drive. So when I gave it the command

format c:

it was actually formatting my D drive which had all of my data, my projects, songs, games and everything.
So now I’m enjoy a nice cool day in the office, sitting all ends screwd up getting everything installed again.

I’ll count that in as one of my worst days at Vizteck.

How to get the special characters from keyboard?

ANSI secrets


Ever wondered how to get special characters like ©, ® or ™ in your document? You don’t need any special software installed. Windows has it’s own inbuilt character map utility, which you can use to identify individual special characters. Using copy and paste you can insert them into your document. However, this is a very slow procedure, and it is much quicker to use the ALT key for those characters which are used frequently.


For example, [CTRL]+[ALT]+[C] gives ©. Similarly, [CTRL]+[ALT]+[R] gives ® and [CTRL]+[ALT]+[T] gives ™ .


Special characters are usually entered using the numeric keypad and a 4-digit ANSI code. Each character is allocated a particular slot, and the character in that slot can be inserted by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard, or by holding down the Alt key and tapping 0 followed by ‘nnn’ on the numeric keypad where ‘nnn’ is the 3-digit code for each special character.


For e.g., to get the pound symbol (£):

  • Press and hold the [ALT] key
  • Type 0163 on the numeric keypad on the right
  • Release the [ALT] key to see the symbol



List of ASCII Symbols

How To Increase The Google Crawl Rate For Your Website

It is every important to understand one simple concept and it is that, you can never force or cheat Googlebot into crawling your website. But you can always employ certain steps, that would ensure that Googlebot gets attracted to your content and crawls it. Here are a few ways to do just exactly that:

  • You should always update your content as soon as possible, because this effort really helps. You should update or add new content to your website at least 3 times a week (minimum) and then should immediately ‘ping’ (notify) Google.
  • Page load time is another critical factor to be taken care of. If the crawler spends too much time crawling your huge images or PDF files, there will be no time left for it to visit your other pages.
  • Double check your internal link structure. That means keep an open eye for any duplicate content that might arise via different URLs.
  • It is imperative that your server should always return correct header response.
  • Another great way to invite Googlebot is to assign unique title and meta-tags for each of your pages.
    For full list, visit SEJ.

Following these steps, would make your content look attractive to Googlebot and will compel it to crawl your website.

This text is taken from:-