A Look at the Propaganda against Zaid Hamid

I’ve been following this controversy for some days now. Please listen to Zaid’s response in the video mentioned. I’ve been listening to Zaid Hamid for quite some time as well and honestly, I haven’t found a single thing against the Quran & Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW). The answer he’s given is quite comprehensive in my opinion but still some cynical people can’t stop arguing saying why he hasn’t explicitly rejected Yousuf Kazzab in this speech.

Let’s also take a look at a recent conversation about the Khatm-e-Nabowat in Iqbal ka Pakistan episode 24:-

Update: Zaid Hamid questioned about Yousuf and his response. It’s a MUST SEE!

Another reference that’s been given at another location http://islamabadobserver. wordpress.com/2008/10/08/brasstacks-zahid-hamid- responds/
a guy says that “zaid hamid defended yousuf ali in dawn 13th aug 2000”, Now I went over to Dawn’s official website and thought I should take a look at the archives but the oldest one available there are of the year 2002.

Another thing you’ll notice that this whole propaganda is being fired up on the internet mostly on these looney toon type blogs whose authenticity is comletely questionable, we don’t even know for sure who’s writing such things let alone whether it’s a qadiyani or some other anti-Islamic element.

The things I want to highlight here are
1) once there was a time when even the renowned scholar Maulana Maududi was declared as kafir and there was a huge huge amount of propaganda floating all over.
2) Putting a false allegation (bohtan) on the iman of some muslim is a Gunah-e-kabeera. Please try and stay at a safe distance as I’m saying, I haven’t been able to find a single thing in Zaid Hamid’s whole campaign that is against Quran and Sunnah and he also says if there is please let me know.

As a matter of fact I find him a very inspiring Muslim who’s actually trying to make things right in this society which is better than at least a million other Pakistanis and Muslims who are so very much busy thinking about getting themselves out from here somehow, make huge money and enjoy they’re bloody mechanical amusements and ENJOY LIFE as this is the only reason they’re living out their miserable lives which is based on nothing else but a day-to-day survival routine.

Again I would say, there’s nothing personal against any one. Hope the points I’ve highlighted prove helpful in understanding the truth.

In the end I’d like to tell you guys that there’s been a guy who’s been trying to warn me of the DANGERS of following Zaid Hamid’s views. He gave me that link I mentioned above. I argued with him with almost the same arguments I’ve put up here and at the end I asked for a video of that Yousuf Kazzab audio that they mention (in which Yousuf calls a guy Syed Zaid Zaman not Zaid Hamid) so that I can see the face of Zaid Hamid as well to confirm that Syed Zaid Zaman = Zaid Hamid) but he says… oh I don’t have the video of this… Now what kind of crap is this anyway?

The way I see it is that there are many powers that don’t want the Muslim nation especially the people of Pakistan to actually know what’s happening to them and know and work on ways to get things right, because it is in their greater interests that Pakistan stays destabilized  and continue to swirl on this Democracy/Dictatorship see-saw forever with the people of Pakistan not knowing why this is happening to them. If somebody like Zaid Hamid comes up and reveals the roots of the Ummah to them again, they get pissed off.

The fact of the matter is this: The solution to the problem of the Muslim Ummah lies in the

  • Re-establishment of the Khilafah(Caliphate) System.
  • Getting rid of these traitors ruling us since the collapse of the Khilafah in 1924.

In the end I urge all the Pakistani citizens especially the students who’ve in their minds, left the country forever, to come back. The collapse of the American and British empires have begun. This is the time when Islam and Pakistan needs you. Be a part of this destiny. If you choose to live there, you might have a very luxurious life but I’m telling you, you will never get the peace and harmony inside you. If you come here, things might get nasty, yes, there might be sacrifices as well. But I tell you it’s gonna be worth it. It’d be a lot better than leaving you’re religion at stake for having a good luxurious life which as sure as you’re born, is gonna end someday soon anyway.

At the end, I just want everyone, every Muslim who’s reading this, to answer just one question:

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem?


Update: May 19, 2009
Few days ago a university fellow of mine Mr. Jahan Zaid received this email which he shared  over the university’s mailing group. I’d like to share it with you as well.

Zaid Hamid’s Mail
aa and dua.

First of all Jazak Allah for writing to me directly for the clarification
and following the Sunnah and Sharia way of resolving confusing issues.
Though I have responded to allegations and clarified my positions many times
on Khatm Nubuwwat, I do feel to write to you in some detail. Just for your
record, I am repeating one brief reply.

“Alhamdolillah, all my life has been spent keeping my self under tests and
trials of fire, sword and blood for the sake of this deen and in love of
Rasul Allah. My prayers, sacrifices, my life and death remains for Allah and
His Prophet (saw). My izzat, life, parents, property, family and even good
deeds are sacrificed on Rasul Allah. I am not mad to follow false prophets
after Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw).

Those with noor can see the rehma, baraka and khair from Allah and love of
Rasul Allah in the life and mission of this humble faqeer. Hasbu nallah
Naimul Wakeel, Naimul Maula wa naimun Naseer.

Curse of Allah, angels and momineen be on those liars who claim to be
“prophets” after Sayyadna Khatim un Nabiyyeen Muhemmed Rasul Allah (saw).
Also cursed and Rajeem are those who follow such liar “prophets” and also
cursed are those who accuse innocent Muslims of following such false
prophets. There will be no prophet after our beloved Sayyadna, Maulana,
Muhemmed Rasul Allah, Rehmat ul lil Aalimeen (saw). May Allah keep us in His
serene and blessed noor and Rehma in dunya and Akhira”

Alhamdolillah, for the last two weeks, we were in Haramain Shareefain and
also spent about a week in Masjid nabwai shareef presenting my case to Allah
and His Prophet (saw). I am indeed hurt. Not at the fact that I am being
opposed. In fact I am pleased at this. I am being opposed by Kafir banking
systems, Indan assets, hostile secret services, media cartels, government
proxies, religious and sectarian terrorists, and all those with whom Allah
and Rasul Allah has declared war against ie: Riba based system of Dajjal.
They have already tried to silence me by trying to buy me out. When that did
not work, they started a massive slander and Bohtan campaign from secular
english to “Islamic” media. Now we at Brasstacks are loosing clients and our
economic noose is being tightened to put pressure upon us. Now I am waiting
when they make a physical attack. Hasbunallah !!!

Alhamdolillah, I am happy and say shukar at this as this humble faqeer has
hurt and dented the system of Dajjal globally and given hope to this nation
in these times of trial and tribulations. When I opted and decided to tread
this path of Jihad and sacrifice at a very young age, I never expected it to
be bed of roses. It never has been, by Allah.

But I am hurt because now I am being accused of betraying the very sacred
soul who remains the centre of gravity of my soul, life, love, death and
honor — Sayyadna Muhemmed Rasul Allah Sallalla Alaihe wassalam. But then,
this time in Medina, I received the serenity and peace that inshallah, this
matter will be handled by Allah himself and I need not scoop to lowest of
levels or counter attack to lower levels to which these accusers have sunk
themselves. I have clarified my position as above. From the requirements of
Sharia, Sunnat and law, this should suffice for any Muslim to explain his
Imaan and beliefs. beyond this, I strongly urge people to come and visit me
and seek further clarifications. Things are not as they are being projected.
There is also another side of the story which they are not telling. But it
cannot be discussed on e-mailing matches and blogs with such characterless
and unreliable characters because it involves sharia documents, legal
doctrines, legal proof and Fatwas and statements of top religious scholars,
council of Islamic ideology and serious papers on abuse of blasphemy laws in
the country, sectarian wars abusing the law and its complex legal and
Islamic remedies. you will be shocked once you know the facts on how they
are lying from their teeth.

Let me sit face to face with the accusers and By Allah I shall confront
them on all counts in the presence of anyone who wants to sit and be the
judge. This is what sharia demands. I am NOT supposed to respond to shadows
on the wall who are simply accusing without fulfilling sharia requirements.
Also, it must be decided what should be the punishments for all those who
have violated every sacred law and accused me of bohtan without
verifications. Already so much of their lies are exposed. isn’t this enough
to prove that they are liars??? Again, why we ignore the hadees of Sayyadna
Rasul Allah that anyone who propagates hearsay without verifying is a liar
!!! By Allah, they are liars and slandering a Bohtan only. It is a heavy
burden they carry in dunya and indeed it would be heavier on day of
judgment. I will NOT make personal attacks on them nor scoop to their
levels. Let them do what they want.

I will add only a few more points to answer your questions and to complete
the hujjat: details on personal meeting inshallah. For now this should

I am NOT a follower of that idiot Yusuf. May Allah’s curse upon those who
accuse me of following him. But you should also try to study his case. Did
he really claim to be a Prophet? what did Maulana Sattar Niazi and dozens of
scholars say in writing about Yusuf? what is the sessions court judgment on
his conviction ? is he sentenced to death on claim of prophet hood or
something else? who were the witnesses whose evidence was used? Were sharia
and sunnah requirements were fulfilled in the sessions court ? Why no
religious scholar appeared in the court to testify against him? What was the
judgment of council of Islamic ideology after this case verdict? why no
media group projected the case except Khabrain and Takbeer ? In fact, Nawai
Waqt and nation defended Yusuf by publishing statements of top scholars
defending yusuf ????? Was that a case of blasphemy or money disputes and
sectarian warfare??? You MUST find this out.

I work, live and inshallah will die only for Allah and Sayyadna Muhemmed
Rasul Allah alone. I don’t work for any agency or secret group or cult,

Life of every Muslim is sacred and cannot be taken on suspicion. Property
of every Muslim of sacred and cannot be violated on suspicion. honor of
every Muslim is sacred and cannot be violated without fulfilling
requirements of Sharia and deen. The last sermon of Rasul Allah equates
life, property and honor with sacred day of Hajj and sacred city of Makka.
It is most unfortunate that those calling themselves as Muslims violate each
and every basic tenant of Islam by involving themselves in utter and
absolute Haram without any proof, sharia requirements or verifications. If
we believe in Allah and Rasul Allah and fear the day of judgment, then we
should be very very careful when a Muslim is accused of being a Kafir or
murtid or doing his Takfir.. This is greatest of sins.

Isn’t this strange that none of the accusers who write these articles seek
any clarification from me nor have met me, nor know me, nor know nor willing
to listen to any explanations. they keep coming back with pen names, e-mail
names, refusing to listen to any clarifications nor accepting my invitation
for a face to face debate ? what are they afraid of ? I left Karachi in 1992
and have never met any of these accusers ever since, if ever. most of them I
don’t even know. Have they given any proof of any allegations or still it is
just hearsay or stories of “personal” experiences so factually wrong and
lies that it is nauseating.

All my life has been spent on razor edge for the sake of Allah and Rasul
Allah (saw), risking and sacrificing everything that is considered precious
in this world for the sake of Sayyadna Rasul Allah (saw) and this deen. I
was 22 years old when I went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets when a life
of worldly promise and brilliant career awaited me in Dunya. Spent six year
in battle fields, surviving on daily basis, with my parents, wife, kids and
loved ones not knowing in which valley my grave would be. I did not do all
that for money, sense of adventure or to serve any secret service. By Allah
it was and it still is for Allah, Rasul Allah and this Ummat e marhoom. When
I came out after six years, i had to struggle on daily basis once again to
feed and support my family. Jihad was NOT a paying venture. We spend from
our own pockets or given most minor wazeefa of few hundred rupees per month
by the jihadi commander we fought along with.

My present work of BrassTacks and its Azaan is also with the same junoon
and ‘dewangi”. It is Not for money or to serve any secret agenda. We have
done over 70 programs. Apart from being anything against Islam, Quran or
sunnah, these are highly subtle, sublime and sophisticated essence of deen
and khair reviving the Ummah and nation and attacking the entire exis of
Kufr and Dajjal. Cant we see the baraka and khair which Allah is giving to
this mission and its message.

My dear brother, in these times of fitnas, we need to be careful with
people, I agree. But we should also be careful that we don’t shoot down the
only message of dignity, honor and hope which has come out for this nation
to fight and confront those who have declared war on Allah and Sayyadna
Rasul Allah (saw). By Allah, I can say with confidence that those fighting
against us are either Nadan dost or Dana dushman. By trying to destroy us,
they only serve Zionists, bankers, Indians and our enemies of Pakistan and

May Allah be our guide and be my witness in what I have written. He is my
Wakeel and I rest my case with Him alone.

Jazak Allah once again and duago

Zaid Hamid

Author: Imran Akram

A .NET/SharePoint Consultant and a political enthusiast who believes in putting the feet of the elected and/or unelected officials to fire in order to get good governance.

51 thoughts on “A Look at the Propaganda against Zaid Hamid”

  1. Jazakallah Khair:
    I am also perplexed and i understand your feelings, till now I had the same feelings, I am myself upset after discovering these articles and issues raised by others against Zaid Hamid, At first I outright rejected them and did not find any validity in these claims, however I am not sure ZH has responded to any of the allegations or openly disassociated with Mr. Yousuf Ali saheb, I am not sure to malign Mr.Yousuf Ali , I dont know nor I think many people know the truth, there may be several people who may know the actual events only one person knows or can convince all of us, and that is Zaid Hamid.

    I have read and thru other material I have researched where it was mentioned that ZH has expressed that Yousuf Ali was misunderstood or this propoganda was escalated to malign Mr. Yousuf Ali and very little scholarly work has been presented either for or against Yousuf Ali.

    I would like Mr. Zaid Hamid to tell us what is the truth, I am like most of his admirers, who given a real picture will subscribe the view point of ZH, and most of the people who are ZH fans are intelligent and rationale people, I know ZH through his programs and writings , and if Mr. yousuf Ali is a Saint Scholar and NOT what media has made him to be , we need to know.

    The silence on this issue by ZH is huring and it will damage the causes he has undertaken, btw the time factor will not heal or make things go away. Please tell ZH to come out and make us understand the point of view we all need to be aware of, the real TRUTH

    1. JazakAllah Khair:

      Thanks for putting in your thoughts. I have to make it clear that I’m not a close ally/friend/companion of Mr. Zaid Hamid. I’m also one of his admirers and a follower of his views.

  2. Address and contact number for Mr. Zaid Hamid is required. Without meeting him for atleast a couple of minutes it is not fair to say anything in favour or against.

    1. JazakAllah khair for this. I’ve been looking to contact personally for a few questions myself. Throwing you an email in a few minutes about this


  4. I donot know about his (ZH) association with Yusaf Kazab but one thing I have checked up from his (ZH) programs (mentioned by many people as comments on PKKH blog) on Naimat Allah Shah Wali. He is way out of line in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

    Spirituality proved by the Quran and Sunnah is not being disagreed upon here but other issues which are against Quran.

    No one is perfect, being on mistake is not a big deal but get persistent on that and refuse the authentic reforms is bad.

    1. Since this is forum is open to public I urge people not to throw comments just to ‘confuse’ the minds of the readers and you’re comment doesn’t seem to be implying on anything either. If you dont disagree with spirituality, then what other things are you talking about that are out of line in the light of Quran and Sunnah. In case you are disagreeing with Spirituality, then read my reply to Mr. Abdur Rahman

      1. For reference see the verses 6:50; 6:59; 7:188; 16:77; 27:65; 31:34; 46:9; 72:26 and also in the famous hadith of Jibreel narrated by Umar bin Khattaab and reported by Bukhari and Muslim where Jibreel asks the holy prophet saws about doom’s day when it is going to happen and prophet saws says he does not know about the day of judgment more than the one who is questioning.

        Knowing the unseen is an attribute of Allah, which is as per above quranic references is not told to any one.


    Brother according to a hadith Allah(SWT) says that He will forgive any sin but shirk…….please read the comments of some brothers with valid references to find out if Spirituality (the one ZH talks about) is shirk or not.

    In the hide of Spirituality, people have opened door of shirk and bidah and loads of unislamic things.

    1. Listen! I don’t want to waste my time in arguing over the fact that spirituality is shirk or not because I know what I believe in and why I believe in it. This effort is not to waste time in sectarian arguments that basically end up no where. Few years ago, I had never experienced spirituality so my approach was to shut up and keep looking for clues to either defy it completely or accept it wholly. So after sometime Allah subhan-o-huwatala, showed me what it actually is and I’m definitely not going to share that experience. Usually, I have seen a lot of biasness in the minds of the Muslims who call themselves Wahabis and Deobandis and they are not open to accept anything.

      I don’t know for sure if you belong to that section or not but it sure looks like it. My suggestion to you would be to go for the unity of Muslim Ummah. Allah will send a mujaddid again soon inshaAllah who will remove the bidats etc in deen and bring it back to its actual form till that time just try to accept different point of views. People who believe in Spirituality also love Allah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW), Quran, they believe in all the revealed books, Beleive in Angels and the Day of Judgement then my question is, who the hell are you to call any such person a non-muslim?? And by the way, in case of an outright attack of Hindus and the Americans they will not ask you if you believed in spirituality or not, they will kill you just for being a Muslim only!

      Since you have all the time to talk about the BASICS of Islam, try to put sometime in trying to accept others who ATLEAST believe in the BASICS of what is required to be a Muslim. Leave aside what you’re aqal fails to understand (spirituality) and pray for Allah to show you the REALITY of things in the RIGHT perspective.

      JazakAllah khair!

      1. Br. Imran, just a quick comment.
        Spirituality and karamat are not fix with Islam, hindu, christian, jew etc. infact all can enjoy it. If you have read books of Khwaja Junaid Baghdadi(ra) and other sufia they relate some incidents where they find non-muslim Rahibs rich in spirituality but they are grieved that why he is not accepting Islam. Please read any book where difference among ‘Mojaza’ ‘Jadu’ and ‘Karamat’ etc. is explained.

  6. you are an illogical person in your reply. When and where did I try to make any1 Non-Muslim. Instead to arguing with logic you talk hanky panky.

    Allah gave our enemies power on us because we are not unit of the Toheed of Allah……….we may get unit of worldly things but that wont bring the solidarity.

    Illogical argument would be that you are deobandi and wahabi, if you are correct and have authentic references, do put forward to people decide.

    We donot trust blindly on anyone in worldly things but in religion we take any thing from any one without valid proofs. What do we dear most?

    Why ZH had to take backup from predictions of Naimat Allah SHah Wali, he has told us every thing (he told us in his episode 6 of shahi wali series) as his analysis and conclusion in the series of Economic terrorism…..(he you are a regular listener of his programs, you would know what I am getting at. His programs are available on his web site go and check)

    He is already clearing allegations of his association with Yusaf Kazzab, then why he had to open up another Mahhaz of opposition unnecessarily? What is his agenda?

    He should stick to his field of defense analysis as he is quite good at that and donot try to spread his wrong perceptions in the listeners.

    1. I dont know if you are feeling alright today or not. You’re saying that:

      Brother according to a hadith Allah(SWT) says that He will forgive any sin but shirk…….please read the comments of some brothers with valid references to find out if Spirituality (the one ZH talks about) is shirk or not.

      In the hide of Spirituality, people have opened door of shirk and bidah and loads of unislamic things.

      You are saying that Spirituality is Shirk and hence all those who believe in spirituality are committing shirk, or does that sentence mean something else? Do you even know what you’re saying when you’re posting? What else is that supposed to mean anyway?

      I have seen his programs on Naimat-ullah Shah Wali (RA). What my understanding is that it is Allah who opens up His secrets to the Wali ullah people. Naimat-ullah Shah wali (RA) was extraordinary in this regard since he was shown a lot more than many. It’s not that it was his own knowledge/calculations etc like the najomis or anything.

      What can I argue with a person who doesn’t even know what he’s saying. It is as if someone is throwing words out of his mouth and not knowing what those words actually mean.

      1. AOA!
        First of all I believe in spirituality and I am also Bait with some Peer, don’t want to mention his name because you are already touchy with sects.

        My experience doesn’t find Zaid hamid in any of the level.

        About Nematullah Shah please look at


  7. Lets make this very easy.

    Read his (Naimat Allah Shah Wali) Qasida from the link given on these programs in PKKH. Then if you donot see what is being said in this Qasida. It would worry me a lot about your understanding of Islam.

    I donot say anything here so that you can read and spot things yourself (this will diminish the effect of “I donot throw words out of my mouth without knowing their meaning”). May Allah(SWT) guide you and open your Heart for truth.

  8. Zaid still not clear in this He had an relation with Yousuf he might have changed now but he had terms with him

  9. Zaid Hamid’s series on Naimat Allah Shah Wali is removed because of loads of controversial issues from PKKH web page.

    1. The pages haven’t been removed – they’ve been taken offline temporarily while they clear up the comments and go through the content ourselves.

      Stop trying to spread disinformation. You should have taken confirmation from then and then spill your thoughts elsewhere.

  10. well i just want to say that if there is some kind of enrollment of zaid hamid in the campaign of yousaf kazzab then there must be some kind of prof in pakistani newspapers plz give me their references as i want to clearify it by myself and further more the references should be containing the news paper name, date and also the year because i found many references on internet but year is missing and they all were in form of computer typing style not in form of newspapers’ cuttings.

  11. Here are all the things.

    Here is court judgment about Yousuf Kazzab

      1. Janaab aap key baat theak hai, lekin aap smjhnay key koshish krein kay jis per ilzaam laga ho usay baat ziada clear kerni pRti hai. Yousuf Kazzab ka ye bhi dawa tha ky Nabi(pbuh) nay us mein halool ker lia hai. Ab zahir see baat hai kay Zaid Zamaan ka yeh kehna kay Muhammad(pbuh) akhri nabi hein ye kafi nhe kyunkay is ka ehtamaal hai kay wo halool per yaqeen rkhta ho. Lehaza usay ye clearly kehna pRay ga kay mein Yousaf Kazzab say poori tara bari hoon us key wahayaat batoon per lanat bhejta hoon – is kay baad ab wo jitna apni muhabbat ka kahay hmari sir aankhoon per.

      2. Bhai sb, ap ki baat baja. Lekin pehlas masla jo bana hua hai wo ye hai ke ye Yousuf Ali jis ko kazzab kazzab bol bol ke idhar logon ke muhn nahi thakte, wo banda wakei kazzab tha bhi ya nahi. Meray nazdeek masla iss tarha se hai ke jab aik musalman ne dosray musalman ko kafir keh diya tu un mei se aik kafir ho gya (Ye hadeeth mei baat warid hui hai agar mei ghalat nahi hon tu) Dosri taraf jaisa ke iss video mei dekha. Niazi sb (jo ke koi 2 sal ke bachay nahi they ke Zaid Hamid ne kuch batein batain aur unhon ne unhe ki basis per written fatwa jari kar diya) un ka written solid proof hai ye akhbarain ke wo yehi kehtay they ke yousuf ali sahib-e-Imaan banda hai aur iss mamlay ko Ulema ki committee hal kare. Baat ye hai meray bhai ke Zaid Hamid ye do tok kehta hai ke uss ki current knowledge ke mutabiq yousuf ali ne tauheen-e-Risalat ya khatam-e-nabowat ka inkar ka jurm nahi kia. Agar kia hai tu Zaid Hamid khud kehta hai ke meri uss pe lanat ho. dosri baat ye ke wo saaf saf kehta hai ke mei Yousuf Ali ka follower nahi hon. jahan tak mei samjha hon iss masle ko tu yousuf ke documented bayan mei bhi wo yehi kehta hai ke mujhe khilafat ata hui hai. Ab ye halool shalool wali kahaniyan kidhar se aa rahi hai, ye mujhe koi bata nahi. dosri taraf ye khatam-e-nabowat wale ye kehtay hai ke bhai, Zaid Hamid jab tak Yousuf pe lanat nahi bhejay ga hamara certificate usse nahi mille ga, aur Zaid jaisa ke main ne bataya yehi keh raha hai ke bhai, mei kion uss pe lanat bhejon jab meray nazdeeq uss ka koi jurm sabit he nahi hua, aur uss ke bhi argument sun lo wo baat koi henki pehnki nahi hai. Yahan pe Niazi sb ka “Official” statement waze hai… ab zara khud socho aik daffa. Niazi ab ne yousuf ko sahibeiman shaksh bola hai. tum usse kafir/kazzab/maloon waghera boltay raho jitna marzi. Farz karo qiyamat ke roz wo wakei muslim nikla… tu phir Rasulullah (SAW) ki hadeeth ke mutabiq kon jahannum mei jae ga?

  12. 1- Molana Niazi died after Yousuf kazzab, so did he condemned? Aakhir Molana Niazi ko bhi to koi dhoka lug sakta hai, wo 2 saal kay bachay nhe they to baqi bhi nhe thay.
    2- Doosra naam Molana Ghulam Sarwar ka hai to unhoon nay to bayan darust ker lia hai.

    Aap Yousuf Kazzab kay baray mein ab mojood kisi bhi Aalim say fatwa lay lein – Dr. Israr Molana Ashrafi, Molana Qadri etc jo bhi ho – aakhir jo ab is dunia mein naheen hein unhein he kyun btoor daleel kay paish ker rhe hein? Khaas toor per Zaid Hamid nay clearly kaha kay Molana Qadri hmaray saath hein to app ab ooper wala link pRh lein. Dr Israr kay liye
    Jo ab mojood hein koi bhi to hami nhe hai – ye jo jaa chukay hein wo loog bhi to ehtiatan he batein kertay rhe hein – tehqiqaat ka tabhi kaha jata hai jub khud ko dili tasalli na ho – tub loog keh dete hein kay bhae tehqeeeq ker loo mujhay to koi masla nhe laga – agar sabit ho jae to theak hai. Molana nay Koi halfia bayan to nhe dia na aakhir un key zindagi mein he court nay faisla dia tha.

    1. barai mehrbani ye video dekh lo aur ab apna ye napak propaganda band karo. Mei tumhain aur tumharay un mullaon ko jo ke nafrat ka toofan khara karne pe tulle hue hai ke khuda ra bus kar dein, aur ye video dekhain:

      Waisay ye kahawat bilkul such nazar aati hai ke charagh talle andhera bhi hota hai.

      1. Jawaab nhe hai to ab bartan mein say woh chalakna shuru ho gia jo kay us mein bhara hua tha, lekin humein ulama aur hmaray shuyuukh nay bad-zubani say rook rakha hai.
        Video to baad mein dekhun ga – aap aik baat bteain kay Qadiani jo kay Muhammad(pbuh) ko Khatim-ul-nabiyyein maanta hai, Allah(swt) per yaqeen rakhta hai – Quran ko ilhami kitaab maanta hai, logoon ko deen key taleem deta hai aakhir namaz rozay ka he kehta tha ya nhe? – wghera wghera – usay kyun kafir bana dia? itni muhabbat hai to bhai usay bhi apna bhai bana lo.
        Mein to kehta hoon Yousuf Kazzab kay saath saath Qadiani ka case bhi khulwa lein kay ghalat faisla hua tha.
        Baqi jo ‘mullaon’ wali baat hai us muamlay mein mein aap ko mazoor smjhta hoon, Allah(swt) humein sahi rasta dikhaye.

      2. mujhe ye comment kisi aisay admi ka nahi lagta jis mei properly argue karne ki zara si bhi salaheyat ho. meray akhri comment ka focus he mainly video dekh kar propaganda band karne pe tha, aur hazrat shuru mei he farmate hain “Video to baad mein dekhun ga (pehlay zara AUR IDHAR UDHAR KI SUNAIN”, mashaAllah! ab argument ho raha hai Yousuf Ali ke masle pe aur beech mei Qadiyani bhi gussa diye. Oh bhai argument ko scatter karne ki bajae ussi pe focused rehnay do agar koi logical argument karna hai, na tu mei ne tumhain koi gali di, aur na koi fehash baat ki, han uss nafrat ke toofan ko aur uss ke uthanay walon ko bura bhala kaha jo ke 100% jaiz hai. Tumhari rae meray bare mei achi ya buri hai iss se mujhe koi farq nahi parta, tumhain kia pata ke meri nazar mei tum khud kia ho. Ye batain irrelevant hain aur tumhara apna bachpana show karti hai. Baharhal Allama Iqbal ke views agar janna pasand karo “mullaon” ke bare mei tu ye zaroor dekh lena. meray jootay ki nook pe hai tumharay un “fatwa marka molvion” ka bana hua iman ka certificate

        Aur lastly, iss se pehlay ke koi ye samjhe ke hum Qadiyanion se agree karte hain, tu ye clarify karta chalon ke un ke mirza ne explicitly nabi honay ka dawa kia tha. Yousuf Ali ne “explicitly” khilafat pane ka dawa kia hai. Ab agar koi itna jahil hai ke khilafat ko nabowat se mix karta hai tu uss pe tuff he hai bhai meri taraf se tu.

        apne damagh mei ye bhitha lo ke yousuf ko kazzab hargiz nahi kaha jae ga kionkay koi proper saboot iss taraf nahi! ye rae buhat se ulema ki hai including Niazi sb. Khabrain akhbar ya daily ummat aur jasarat waghera ka role tu waisay he mashkook ho chuka hai iss sare kissay ke baad aur infact wo bhi ab technically iss waqae ke fareeq hain, iss liye un ki apni batain koi daleel ki haisiyat nahi rakhteen. Peechay reh gai wo audio tu audio evidence waisay he aj kal kisi court mei koi haisiyat nahi rakhta aur Zaid Hamid ka official stance yehi hai ke wo AUDIO FAKE HAI!

        ab mei zara un maulvion ka asal chehra bhi tumhain dikhata chalon, ye moulvi wohi log hai jo Quaid e Azam ko bhi musalman nahi maante, read this:-
        Deobandi's who called Quaid-e-Azam a Kafir

        aur ab unhi nahanjar moulvion ka tasalsul aage chalte chalte logon ko Takmeel-e-Pakistan roknay ke liye mobilize karne ki koshish karta hai:-
        Maulana Muhammad Akram Toofani against Takmeel-e-Pakistan

        Aur phir jab mei ne soocha ke ye “Toofani” ko dekhain sahi hai kia bala tu mujhe ye milla

        Allah he hafiz ho uss ka jo iss ko aalim manta ho bhai,

        Aur ye jis cheez ko roknay ke liye bara barh charh ke logon ko mobilize kar rahe hain wo actually ye thi
        Takmeel e Pakistan resolution March 23, 2010

        Ashfaq Ahmed sb jo ke haqeeqatan aik intellectual they, un ki rae bhi zara sun lo aik daffa

        Ab ye baat wazeh hai ke ye khas Barahman mulla jo ke hinduon ke isharon per nachtay nahi thaktay darhaqeeqat kon hain. Mei abhi bhi tumhain Allah aur uss ke Rasul (SAW) ka wasta de kar kehta hon ke apni rawish badal lo, aur in napak logon ki sohbat se bahir aa jao, ye waqt ummat ko jornay ka hai tornay ka nahi, ye baat meri yaad rakhna ke aik bar tumharay uper hujjat tamam ho gai aur tum ne apni rah na badli tu dunya aur akhirat donon mei zalil aur ruswa ho jao gay. Ye Pakistan Allah ka khas tohfa aur uss ke razon mei se aik raz hai, iss ke pehchano aur waqt ki nazakat ko samjho. Jab samaj aa jae tu jahan jahan logon ke zehnon mei zehr gholnay ka kam kia hai wahan wahan usse neutralize bhi karne ka kam kar lena. Umeed hai ke Allah tumhain maaf kar de ga. Lekin phir bhi agar tum apne un jahil moulvion ki taqleed nahi chortay tu wallah mujhe un ki kutub mei Kafir hona ziada maqbool hai,
        (jaate jaate tumhain ye video dikhata chalon)

      3. Ab please to the point jawab day dein – Zaid Hamid sahib key tara lamba mazmoon likh kay asal baat chupanay wala kaam na krein.

        1: Yousaf Kazzab per court proceeding ye hai

        Yousaf Kazzab nay court mein us audio ko accept kia hai kay usi ka khutba hai aur sub theak hai – ab aap kay peer-o-murshad Zaid Zaman sahib ka inkaar kis kaam ka?

        2: Molana Niazi didn’t condemn the court decision – which proves he accepted it. Pehlay to wo aik mashwara day rhe they kay Ulama ka board bnaya jae aur ain mumkin hai kay jo haqaiq court decission kay baad un kay samnay aye hoon wo pehlay naa hoon is liye wo aisa keh rhe hoon. Mashwara nhe mana gia aik elehda baat hai lekin is ka ye matlab to nhe kay Niazi sahib court decision ko bhi nhe maantay.

        3: Ya to Zaid Hamid clearly kahay kay Yousuf Ali Kazzab nhe tha, ya wo kahay mein us say bari hoon – koi aik bayan clearly day na. Zara Zaid Zaman kay us official bayan ka link bhej dein jis mein in mein say koi aik baat clearly likhi ho. Wo to ye nhe keh rha aur aap lagay hein wakalat kernay – goya – muda’e sust gawah chust.

        4: Jo loog dunia say jaa chukay unhi kay mujmal say bayanaat hein aap kay paas koi zinda Quran-o-sunat ka Aalim bhi to paish ker dein jo court decission kay baad bhi Yousuf Kazzab ka madadgaar rha ho – ye waaqia itna purana to nhe kay wo saray loog he khatam ho gae.

        5: Un Ulama kay naam batein jinhoon nay kaha ho kay Yusuf kay baray mein court ka faisla ghalat tha. point to be noted, court ka faisla ghalat tha.

        6: Molana niazi bhi inhin ulama ka board bananay ka keh rhe they jo aap kay haan “fatwa marka molvi” hein – kia aap bata saktay hein kay Niazi sahib kin ka board banana cha rhe they? aur ye kay un mein say kis nay kaha hai kay Yousuf Kazzab kay barey mein court decission ghalat hai?

        Ummed hai kay dobara wohi purai raam kahani aur bura bhala kehnay key bajaey to the point jawab dein gay.

      4. Baqi sawalat per mei baad mei ata hon, pehlay wo page number specify karo jahan yousuf ne iss audio ko original accept kia hai

      5. Usi ka to link bheja hai – zara khool kay pRh lia hota to maloom ho jata. Usay audio cassette sunai gae to us nay kaha kay yeh meri he awaaz hai. Baqi jo sawaal jawaab huey wo bhi detail sari mojood hai. Yousuf kazzab nay apni us cassette ko disown nhe kia.
        ye ‘tu’ taraan ker kay baat kerna khoob sabit kerta hai kay aap koon see ruhaniat key kesi bulandi per hein, mera gumaan hai kay aap jaantay hein mein aap say umar mein baRa hoon – hmaray nabi(pbuh) isi tara baat kernay ka kehtay hein na !!
        Hmaray sheik nay to adab say baat kernay ka kaha hai werna mein bhi punjabi hoon
        Anyway Brae meherbani ab sawaloon ka mukhtasar to the point jawaab day dein.

      6. ajeeb batain hain, mei ne page number poocha hai patanay ko bhai, agar ye parha hai tu iss mei bata do kahan likha hai ke yousuf ne khud kaha ke waqei ye audio tape genuine hai. Audio tapes mei mukhtalif instances se samples le ke combine bhi tu kiye ja sakte hai na jinab ke nahi? Mujhe ye samaj nahi ati ke sada sa sawal tha, ke page number kon sa hai iss puray 180 page ke document main aur hazrat shuru ho gai hain jinab mei aap se umer mei bara hon, ye hai, wo hai, tu taraan karna asan hai bla bla, oh bhai meray pehlay tu mujhe nahi pata tha ke tum bare ho ya chotay, dosra aik tohmat laganay walon ki mei kionkar izzat karon, wo bhi itni bari ke Hozoor (SAW) ki shan mei gustakhi ki. meray hisab se tu iss jhootay ilzam per tumhain kia tumharay un tameez dar sheikhon ko bhi pakar ke durray lagwanay chaheyain. Baat karte ho!

        Baat usool ki ho rahi hai, bare chotay, sheikh meikh ki nahi. mei samajtha hon ke hum sub ab itnay mature hain ke aik level pe reh ke baat ki jae.

        tu mei phir ye poochta hon, kahan yousuf ali ne documented ye baat ki, something similar to: “Ana Rasul” ya “Ana Muhammad(SAW)” ya mei nabi hon, mei rasool hon, mujh pe jalli wahi aati hai, something that “explicitly” states ke yousuf ne kaha ke han nahi hon mei (Naozobillah)

      7. Read from page 77 till (almost) end. Aap kay, ya aap kay peer-o-murshad Zaid Hamid kay ruhani ustaad ka document hai poora pRh lein inshallah information mein kafi izafa ho ga – khaas toor per jub aap defend ker rhe hein to apnay documents to pooray pRhein.
        For all the questions he has explained that this part is correct this is not – while about cassettes and videos he said it is my voice but when he was asked that are these your speeches he said ‘My counsel advised me to not answer this question’ – ab aap btaein kay (baqool aap kay) aik itna wali ullah jo kay itna ruhaniaat key bulandi per hai ya keh deta kay meri speeches mix key hein ya keh deta kay meri he hein – aap keh rhe hein kay mixup hai lekin Yousuf Kazzab nay ye nhe kaha halankay yehi to moqa tha ye kehnay ka – for example koi aap kay saamnay kahay kay Imran Akran ABC ka beta hai aap chup rhein gay to is ka kia matlab hai? is liye aisay moqay per na bolna doosray key baat ko he sabit kerta hai – lekin shaid us waqt aap us kay musheer-e-khaas nhe they werna us kay Kazzab honay mein aik darjay ka izafa aur kara dete, means thoRi aur ruhani bulandi hasil ho jati.
        Poori ummeed hai kay aap ab pani mein madhani chalai jaein gay lekin aap ko maloom hona chaheye kay pani say makhan nhe nikal sakta, Allah(swt) nay is mein ye taqat rakhi he nhe.
        Kabhi safha poochein gay kabhi exact line kabhi kuch – kyunkay sawaloon kay jawaab jo nhe hein. Lagay rhein inshallah afaqa ho ga. It is well explaining kay kisi aik sawaal ka jawaab bhi nhe hai, bus zidd hai.

      8. 1: Yousaf Kazzab per court proceeding ye hai

        Yousaf Kazzab nay court mein us audio ko accept kia hai kay usi ka khutba hai aur sub theak hai – ab aap kay peer-o-murshad Zaid Zaman sahib ka inkaar kis kaam ka?

        Although I haven’t been able to verify if this is really the authentic document but anyway for the sake of argument, let’s consider it is genuine for the time being
        I’m sure, you must have heard the hadeeth that during a war, a sahabi had a kafir covered and was about to kill him when he recited the kalima and said, dont kill me, I’m a Muslim now. But the Sahabi thought he’s just doing it for saving his life so he went on to kill him. Later when this was told to Prophet (SAW), his face turned red because of anger and he asked that companion that “Had you seen what was inside the heart of that person?” Hence I can say that safely that when even a Kafir recites kalima and claims that I am a Muslim, other muslims should exercise restraint and its better to consider him a muslim as long as he/she doesn’t commit a clear cut kufr. Now let me just quote what Yousuf Ali said when he was asked about his Aqeeda time and again in the court:-

        Q16- Is it correct that you by claiming for yourself to be Mohammad (PBUH) defiled the name of Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
        A – It is absolutely incorrect, infact I seek protection in the Name of Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet (PBUH).

        Q17- Is it correct that you met Rana Muhammad Akram (PW) in the house of Abdul Wahid in the year 1994 and you delivered a speech that the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) is present in this world, even today in the form of human being?
        A- It is absolutely incorrect, Infact Rana Muhammad Akram (PW) was never allowerd or invited to attend my meeting in the house of Abdul Wahid.

        Q28 Is it correct that on 28-2-1997. Hafiz Mohammad Mumtaz Awan and Mian Mohammad Awan (Pws) went to mosque “Baitul Raza” situated at Chowk Yateemkhana, Lahore to offer Jumma prayer and there you defiled the name of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and you declared hundred of persons present in the mosque, as “Sahaba” and introduced yourself as the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)?
        A – It is incorrect. I cannot even imagine of defiling the sacred name of our Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) or to defile the name of “Sahaba-e-Karam” or in any manner defiled their dignity or honor as I am a true Muslim “Alhamdulillah”.

        Q29. Is it correct that Video Casette and Audio Casette (P1) of your speeches were also prepared in the said mosque on 28-2-1997?
        A – It is incorrect, I did not permit any person to record audio casette, however, off and on Video Casette of my sermons were prepared but not the audio

        Q30 – Is it correct that Audio Cassette and Video Cassette contain your speeches?
        A- My counsel has advised me not to answer this question.

        Q31 – Is it correct that Mian Mohammad Awais and Hafiz Mumtaz (Pws) were present in the said congregaton in which you claimed yourself to be the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him) and out of the persons sitting, your ‘Murids’ Zahid Zaman and Abdul Wahid were declared to be ‘Sahabas’and in this way you defiled the name of holy Prophet (PBUH) and “Sahab-e-Karam”?
        A – It is absolutely incorrect. Infact, I do not know the prosecution witnesses, as mentioned above, even I have heard the names of prosecution witnesses Mian Mohammad Awais, Hafiz Mumtaz Awan for the first time.

        Q34 – Is it correct that Mian Ghaffar Ahmed (PW) met you in your house situated at 218-Q, Defence Lahore at 2pm on 22-3-1997 and you claimed that ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ has been awarded to you by Allah Almighty and ‘Khilafat-e-Uzma’ was awarded to the Prophet Hazrat Adam (AS) and continued to all the Prophets and now “Khilafat-e-Uzma” of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is with you and in this way you claimed yourself as the Holy Prophet(PBUH)?
        A- It is correct to the extent that Mian Ghaffar (PW) once met me in my house but the later part of the above mentioned question is absolutely incorrect and that infact he demanded an mount of rupees three crores from me for not blackmailing me and actually it was the message of Zia Shahid, Chief editor Daily “Khabrian”
        Q 60 – Does diary (Exh. P-8/1-116) belongs to you?
        A – It is incorrect, I have not even seen this diary.

        Q67 – Is it correct that you delivered khutba speech on 28-2-1997 in the mosque “Baitul Raza” situated in Chowk YateemKhana, Lahore and declared hundred of the persons, present there as “Sahabis” and you introduced Abdul Wahid and Zaid Zaman, your “Sahabis” and both these persons also delivered their speeches to some extent?
        A – It is incorrect.

        Q89 – Why this case against you and why the prosecution witnesses deposited against you?
        A – This case is an outcome of ‘Hasad’, ‘Tama’, ‘Lalach’, ‘Bughaz’, ignorance of religious knowledge and ignorance of Sufiism and from even prior to the registration of the FIR I made my belief known to the entire world through press-citations whereby I said “La ilaha illallah-o-Muhammad-Rasulullah” and also said that the claimant of Prophethood is ‘Mardood’ and so is the person who falsely alleges so, and as of today well Sir my stand is the same. I directly and also through my lawyers conveyed messages, even in the open court that should there be any misunderstanding whatsoever let us sit and sort out the differences in most cordial and amicable manner but for reasons best known to them, they never accepted my offer and we never got the opportunity to exchange views, so much so that I was declared ‘Kafir’ by naming my house “Jannat-e-Tayyaba” inspite of the fact that “Jannat” is the name of my mother and “Tayyaba” is the name of my wife, even then they wanted me hanging in the Regal Chowk. As far as the aspect of this case is concerned, this example is enough to show what sort of knowledge the complainant or the witnesses could have. I am a very humble student of ‘sufiism’. All these questions were duly answered while I was under interrogation and there I said “Man tu Huzoor (SAW) ki jotoon ke khak ke barabar bhi nahi” and the same I say today. My purpose of giving this explanations are not for the purpose of this case. I again make an offer that lets sit if you can prove me wrong. I should be given death penalty, but, other the other hand, if you prove to have done something wrong, then you should be prepared for the same fat. Numerous witnesses whom I had not even met them in the past but they were planted through a collective conspiracy for blackmailing purposes, for malafide and ulterior motives.

        Q90 – Have you anything else to say?
        A – According to holy Quran, “Shaheeds” are alive but few people do not have such thinking or awareness. The “Aulia Karam”, “Prophets” and Friends of Allah Almighty is far superior and one of the proof is appearance of all Prophets in “Masjid-e-Nabwi” and offering prayer under “Imamat” of Hazoor Katamun Nabiyeen Syed-e-na Muhammad (Peace be upon him). For me my Master Holy Prophet (PBUH), Khulfa-e-Rashdeen, 12 Imams and “Ahle-bait”, four Imam of Fiqa, Hazrat Ghous-e-Azam, Hazrat Datta Ganj Baksh, Hazrat Imam Bari and all the senior Shaikhs of my “Silsila” are alive and under the presence of so many Senuors and great and very great how can this humble servant even think of all these allegations. I give this evidence that there is no “Ilah” except Allah Almighty and Muhammad (PBUH) is the Prophet of Allah. My emphasis is on “IS”. He is “Khatim-un-Nabiyeen” beacon of mind and guidance to the end of time. Therefore, I cannot think of my wildest dream and could even imagine of committing or even thinking or committing of offenses which are alleged against me and by the same token I cannot imagine that one Muslim can make such allegations against the other Muslim. Therefore, I am innocent in this case.

        The other ridiculous remark by that judge is given at Page 168

        Now if video cassette marked “J”, provided by the accused and the video cassettes P-2 & P-5 and the audio cassette P-1 are seen and heard, it would establish that voice of accussed is the same in the audio cassette and the video cassettes and their photography in the video casettes, as mentioned above, is that of Yousaf, accussed. In fact, by producing the Video Casettes he (accussed) provided an opportunity to the court for comparison in which the court itself is competent. I fully agree that due to modern devices there can be a chance of tampering or to cause changes in the Audio and Video Cassettes because there are some specialist persons who can provide the voice of another person easily. But here in the instant, the comparison shows that each and every word uttered in the Audio Cassette or in the Video Cassettes, as mentioned above, are that of Yousuf, accused and even there is no doubt about his photography.

        Now, the judge says that the court (which included people with thorough study of the laws) are somehow “competent” to compare and see if the audios and videos, who’s source is also unknown, and see if they are not tampered at all and that the sounds in two of them match. No technology specialist is consulted whatsoever, no scientific test is conducted and later on he says that “the comparison shows”, and I’m sure that comparison wasn’t a scientific one, it was just his (or some of his ‘highly specialised’ jury’s lawyers and judges) own intuition, because there are no results of any kind of tests presented.

        So my friend, based on the same law you’re talking about, I’m telling you, there are a lot of loopholes in this story and legally Yousuf had the right to appeal for further consideration. Furthermore, you and the jury that made that decision tends to ignore the opinion of one of ‘the’ best and most senior scholars that represent your own party namely, Niazi sb and I will elaborate on what he said ahead.

        2: Molana Niazi didn’t condemn the court decision – which proves he accepted it. Pehlay to wo aik mashwara day rhe they kay Ulama ka board bnaya jae aur ain mumkin hai kay jo haqaiq court decission kay baad un kay samnay aye hoon wo pehlay naa hoon is liye wo aisa keh rhe hoon. Mashwara nhe mana gia aik elehda baat hai lekin is ka ye matlab to nhe kay Niazi sahib court decision ko bhi nhe maantay.

        You can see the official statement of Moulana Niazi here:-
        Moulana Niazi's official statement about Yousuf Kazzab issue
        To summarize Moulana Niazi’s official stance on Yousuf Ali’s blasphemy issue, he said:

        • There has been a mistake in interpreting his statement, a lot of scholars agree to the concept of “Misali Sahabi”
        • The allegations on Yousuf are TOTALLY WRONG. His explanations SHOULD BE ACCEPTED!
        • All those people and newspapers should be held answerable who have put these allegations without proper research
        • Although there are somethings suspicious associated with Yousuf, however, they CANNOT be termed as a claim for prophethood.

        Moulana Niazi had said that he has studied the speeches and writing of Yousuf Ali and has come to the conclusion that neither did he claimed to be a prophet nor did he commit blasphemy. There has been a misunderstanding in comprehending his speeches. He further says that the point Yousuf said about Sahabi is the “Misali Sahabi” and these are those wali-ullah’s who tend to see Holy Prophet (SAW) in dreams as well as when they are awake. Yousuf had further said in that same sermon that no matter how good a waliullah is, he can never be anywhere near the level of the dust of the horses of any Sahabi-e-Rasool(SAW). Niazi sb says that the explanations given by Yousuf about his aqeeda should be accepted and since he has denied any claims about being a Prophet, then sticking to the demands that he should be sentenced to death are unislamic

        Now why didn’t the court took his opinion in to consideration if it wasn’t biased already by some “pressure group”.

        3: Ya to Zaid Hamid clearly kahay kay Yousuf Ali Kazzab nhe tha, ya wo kahay mein us say bari hoon – koi aik bayan clearly day na. Zara Zaid Zaman kay us official bayan ka link bhej dein jis mein in mein say koi aik baat clearly likhi ho. Wo to ye nhe keh rha aur aap lagay hein wakalat kernay – goya – muda’e sust gawah chust.

        Zaid Hamid has said this very clearly in this video here that:

        “I’m not defending Yousuf, I’m not his follower, I’m not his bloody follower” He thinks as well as I do after reading that same document that you mentioned above that the man was wrongly convicted, a man was wrongly accused.

        His official denial is available at http://brasstacks.pk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=197%3Asyed-zaid-zaman-hamid-responds-to-the-allegations&catid=42%3AYa+Rub+Dil+e+Muslim+Ko&Itemid=88&lang=en

        For those who have hearts and eyes, we once again categorically announce that there is no God but Allah and حضور رسول اللہ سیدنا محمد بن عبدللہ صلاللہ علیہ وسلم is the last of the prophets and Khatim un Nibiyyin. There will be no prophet after Him and all those who claim to be prophets after Huzur (saw) are liars!. We are NOT followers of Yusuf ali. Only Allah knows his fate and curse be upon all liars!!!…

        4: Jo loog dunia say jaa chukay unhi kay mujmal say bayanaat hein aap kay paas koi zinda Quran-o-sunat ka Aalim bhi to paish ker dein jo court decission kay baad bhi Yousuf Kazzab ka madadgaar rha ho – ye waaqia itna purana to nhe kay wo saray loog he khatam ho gae.

        5: Un Ulama kay naam batein jinhoon nay kaha ho kay Yusuf kay baray mein court ka faisla ghalat tha. point to be noted, court ka faisla ghalat tha.
        6: Molana niazi bhi inhin ulama ka board bananay ka keh rhe they jo aap kay haan “fatwa marka molvi” hein – kia aap bata saktay hein kay Niazi sahib kin ka board banana cha rhe they? aur ye kay un mein say kis nay kaha hai kay Yousuf Kazzab kay barey mein court decission ghalat hai?

        Moulana Niazi said the allegations were wrong at the first place. So, a session court convicting Yousuf based on those allegations that are wrong in Moulana Niazi’s view automatically concludes that Moulana Niazi doesnt agree to that decision. Technically, legally and ethically, there was definitely an option to appeal against that court decision as given here But he was assassinated! Moulana Niazi gave a hint about the concept of Misali sahabi which I have come to know is a concept prevalent in Sufiism, so it was very logical to have the representatives of the scholars of Islam who believe in Sufiism in the group of ulema who were supposed to deal with this issue. The ulema you see in this video given under have given complete support to Zaid Hamid. If you want further explanation, please contact them and see what they have to say:-

        By the way, we all know how things go in our session courts especially, its common knowledge that it’s better to bribe out a judge for 50,000 instead of taking a good lawyer with you and get the decision in your favor. So the point is, their judgments can definitely be questionable!

        Talking about the ulema you’re mentioning, I was very surprised how they accepted the explanation given by Altaf Hussain after explicitly saying the he has read the literature of Qadiyanis but if you think they’re kafir then its up to you, he would himself give complete liberation to preach their teachings inside Pakistan! So this is the credibility of the ulema you’re mentioning:

      9. 1: Ager Yousuf Ali sacha hota to usay kazzab kyun kehtay? aap un gawahioon ko check krein kay wo ghalat hein ya sahi. Ager kisi admi kay Zana per 4 gawah hoon to wo laakh kahay kay meinay nhe kia to usay Hudd lagay ge – please ask any Aalim. Haan ye admi sirf ye sabit ker sakta hai kay Gawah nay jhoot bola hai, ager jhoot sabit ker day to phir theak hai. Aap nay Yousuf Kazzab key statements copy ker dee hein jin ka koi faida nhe – isi kay to kazzab honay ka sara case hai. Jahan tuk dil key baat hai to us hadith key sharah pRhein jo aap nay quote key hai – wo yahan nhe chul sakti. Ab question-1 mein gawahoon ka ghalat hona btaein Yousuf Kazzab ka bayan sirf wo qabil-e-qabool hai jo us kay apnay khilaaf ho werna nhe.

        2: Molana Niazi key maalumaat zruri nhe kay court kay baraber hoon – un key baat tub qabil-e-qabool hai jub wo kahein kay jo saboot court mein diye gaein hein un kay bawajood Yousuf per ilzaam sabit nhe hota – bhai gawah aur tapes kay barey mein ho sakta hai Molana Niazi ko naa pata ho koi aik do kitabein pRh ker bayan day rhe hoon – apnay lehaaz say sachay he hoon gay lekin ye maloom kerna ehem hai kay un key maloomaat is case per kitni thein.

        — Pehlay doo sawaloon kay jawaab kafi nhe hein, aur baqi 3 sawaal apni jaga abhi unanswered hein —

        Br Imran again aap nay court ya logoon per aitaraz shuru ker diye – is case mein court nay rishwat lee ya nhe is ka to app kay paas koi saboot nhe, haan court ka dil nikaal kay dekh lia ho kay us case mein niyyat theak the ya nhe the to aap key marzi (apni quote key hui hadith kay he khilaaf keh rhe hein) – court kay dalaeil dekhein aur mojooda Ulama mein say kuch say fatwa lay dein – aakhir saray Aalim khatam to nhe ho gae – kia kehtay hein kia Molana Niazi akhri Aalim they ab peechay saray gumrah buch gae hein?

      10. Br. read this as well for further details: http://www.risepakistan.net/2010/04/05/takmeel-e-pakistan-is-issue-not-zaid-hamid-hidden-truth/

        As for your question about the support of other scholars than Maulana Niaza, I have this video which shows that Moulana Ghulam Sarwar had supported Niazi sb’s statement earlier but now this guy totally refuses to say he had never supported Yousuf Ali whatsoever. So watch this and I hope you will realize who the real Kazzab is.

      11. Br again you are proving Ghulam Sarwar a liar which is not my requirement – you think he is a liar then just leave him, also tell zaid Hamid to stop quoting him. I believe Zaid Hamid still quotes Molana Ghulam sarwar, my quotation was in reply – so if you think he is liar just leave him why to quote another liar (w.r.t. your thinking) so now leave supporting/quoting liars any more.
        Zaid Zaman quotes two people majorly, one Molana Niazi other Ghulam Sarwar – the one who is not between us (Molana Niazi) is still quoted and the one who is live (Molana GhulamSarwar) you have just proved that he changed his statement. Do you understand this thing? I can think that if Molana Niazi was live then what could be his statement now.
        Molana GhulamSarwar was supporting Yousuf Kazzab, now you proved Molana GhulamSarwar a kazzab so think similar about the person he was supporting i.e. Yousuf Kazzab.
        Please tell me about Ulama who has some good will, for Example Mufti Muneeb sahib is Barelvi but he has good will even in other groups, similarly Mufti Taqi Usmani is Deobandi but has good will in other groups, same is the case with Dr. Israr and so on – I am not saying you to prove a person right or wrong (as you said about Molvi Ghulam Sarwar) just simply provide sentence from some Ulama who are live and are known.

  13. Usi ka to link bheja hai – zara khool kay pRh lia hota to maloom ho jata. Usay audio cassette sunai gae to us nay kaha kay yeh meri he awaaz hai. Baqi jo sawaal jawaab huey wo bhi detail sari mojood hai. Yousuf kazzab nay apni us cassette ko disown nhe kia.
    ye ‘tu’ taraan ker kay baat kerna khoob sabit kerta hai kay aap koon see ruhaniat key kesi bulandi per hein, mera gumaan hai kay aap jaantay hein mein aap say umar mein baRa hoon – hmaray nabi(pbuh) isi tara baat kernay ka kehtay hein na !!
    Hmaray sheik nay to adab say baat kernay ka kaha hai werna mein bhi punjabi hoon 🙂
    Anyway Brae meherbani ab sawaloon ka mukhtasar to the point jawaab day dein.

  14. Br Imran aik aur baat
    1- aap kabhi Allama Iqbal key shairi ya kabhi koi aur taqreer suna kay (aur khud sakhta meaning bana kay) molvion ko bura bhala kehtay hein – halankay aap ka maqsad to Zaid Hamid ko sahi sabit kerna hai doosroon ko to bura nhe na sabit kerna, ya yeh kay Indo Pak kay karoroon molvion aur molvion say muhabbat kernay waloon ko (Jo kay ishq-e-rasool(saw) say sarshaar hein) ghalat sabit kerna aap ka mission hai?
    2- Jo kuch dalaeil aap nay diye Allamah key shairi say (khud sakhta tashreeh ker kay) ya aur treqoon say wo to theak hein lein kia us ka hull aur wo saveour Zaid Hamid he hai ye aap nay kahan say sooch lia hai?

    Dawa aap ka Zaid Hamid ka sahih hona hai aur sabit aap doosroon ka ghalat hona ker rhe hein – kia zabardast tareqa hai?

    Yaad rkhein kay (Allamah key shairi mein) Mulla kay liye shart shalwaar qameez pehenana aur Sunnat DaRhi rakhna nhe hai balkay pant shirt aur angrezi kay saath bhi deen key naqis malumaat rkhnay wala Mulla he hai jis key Allama nay muzammat key hai.

    1. Br Humayun, mei abhi Yousuf ko diye gae verdict ko indetail study kar raha hon, sath sath meri kuch aur commitments bhi hai, zahiri baat hai ke mei koi professional lawyer bhi nahi hon aur na mei in ka official representative hon, iss liye kuch time lage ga detailed answer denay mein. Reh gai baat aap ke iss claim ki ke mei khud sakhta meaning bana raho hon, tu ye aap ki zati rae hai aur iss ko mei seriously nahi leta, jo baat batai gai hai wo sub ke samne hai, Allama ke ashaar bhi samne hai. Maqsad sirf Zaid Hamid ya Yousuf Ali ya Imran Akram ya koi aur XYZ ko uper ya neechay karne ka nahi hai, masla usool ka hai. Aik banda jo ke mulk mei adal, insaf ka nizam, Khilafat-e-Rashida ki implementation aur generally logon ko Allah, Rasool, Aur Pakistan ki taraf bula raha hai aur udhar se kuch mulla hazrat uth ke wavela machatay hai ke jee ye tu hai ke kafir, iss ki baat mat sono ye hai wo hai… per masla ye hai ke itnay salon se jub puray mulk mei ye zulm ho raha tha tu yeh mulla aur ke muhabbat karne wale kahan mare hue they?? Mera sara masla tu ye hai. bhai, koi bhi perfect nahi hota. Zaid Hamid bhi jo hai wo manta hai ke wo perfect nahi hai, na tu wo apne aap ko role model present karta hai na he Yousuf ko wo manne ki bat karta hai tu phir bajae iss ke ye ye molvi logon ko in ke hath mazboot karne ka kahein, ulta iss ko kafir honay ke fatway detay hain! Masla mei baray saaf alfaz mei bata deta hon, Allah kare ke samaj aa jae. In molvion ki apni dukanain band ho jain gi agar yahan truly Khilafat aa hai tu! aur ye inhain bardasht nahi hoga kabhi bhi.

      Dosri baat ye ke in problems ke hal ke liye initiative Zaid Hamid ne liya. Aur iss ka matlab ye nahi ke bus Zaid he har cheez ka hal hai. Per kam az kam wo banda aik respect deserve karta hai. Atleast humain uss ki tang khenchnay ki bajae uss ke hath mazboot karne chaheyein. na ke. aur uss ke hath mazboot karne he ka aik tareeqa ye hai ke un elements ko properly expose kia jae jo uss ki tang khaenchtay hain…. iss liye in molvion ki kit lagana bilkul Jaiz aur munasib he hai…

      1. Br Imran, aap law kay mahir nhe hein to jin wakeeloon aur judge nay faisla kia hai un per aitabar ker lein – yehi munasib hai kay us fun kay mahireen per aitemaad kia jae – especially jub kay wo musalmaan hoon aur baat kufar aur islam key ho, but you have own choice.
        Secondly jub LalMasjid walay is nizaam kay khilaaf khaRay huey they tub Zaid Zaman sahib kahan they? Ya ikhwaan-ul-muslimeen ka saath kyun nhe dia? Bhai kitnay he loog khaRay ho chukay hein aur jaan day chukay hein – lekin idher to kufar key baat is liye hai kay Zaid Zaman khud he inkar nhe ker rhe – kia aik Qadiani ager Pakistan ka president bananay key koshish karay aur wo Allah(swt) Rasool(saw) wghera per poora yaqeen rakhta ho imandaar ho adal qaim kerna chahta ho to kia us key madad krein gay?
        Jub tuk Zaid Zaman apna talluq Yousuf Kazzab say clear nhe kertay tub tuk un ko aam awaam kay saamnay anay key ijazat nhe dee jaa sakti.
        Again aap doosroon ko bura sabit kernay lagay huey hein zara ZH ko sahi sabit krein. Aik aur coment mein jo 6 questions they wo abhi tuk answer nhe huey.
        Mein kisi molvi ko defend nhe krun ga balkay is forum kay mutabiq kyunkay baat ZaidHamid key ho rhe hai aur aap defend ker rhe hein to hum sawaal krein gay aap defend krein gay, werna aap simply keh dein kay mein defend nhe ker sakta – baat khatam – kyunkay itna time to mere paas bhi nhe hai lekin Islam ka muamla hai is liye time nikalna paRta hai.

    2. Zara ye clipping bhi dekh lo aur batao, in ke khilaf bolna kia jurm hai? Kia in jaison ka mie adab karon? kia abhi bhi mei kasoor war hon? Maqsab kisi aik sect ko hit karna nahi, per in munafiqon ke roop mei aalimon ko expose karna hamara farz banta hai. Kia khyal hai?


      Molana sami

      1. Na-mehram say haath milanay say admi kafir ho jata hai? Bhai mere ZaidZaman ka kufar aur islam ka masla hai aur aap doosroon ko mehez fasiq sabit ker rhe hein chalein meinay maan lia kay Molana sahib ko haath nhe milana chaheye tha – chlein ab aap bhi keh dein kay Zaid Zaman ko Yousuf Kazzab ko defend nhe kerna chaheye tha.
        Ye shakhsiat parasti Alhamd-o-lillah hum mein nhe hai.
        Aap ka criterian ye hai kay jo Yousuf Kazzab ya ZaidHamid ko ghalat kahay bus wo jahil mulla hai – to ye aap key definition ho sakti hai, aur hum to bus samjha he saktay hein baqi aap key marzi.

    3. Brother, ab ye video bhi dekh kay sochain ke ye kuffar ke fatway laganay ke shokeen moulvi kaisay rang badalnay mei aik minute nahi lagatay

      Mujhe koi sakhs ye samjha de, ke in logon ko aalim to door ki baat mukhlis bhi kaisay maanon. I leave the judgment to you.

  15. I am just like to Zaid Hamid n never believe on his that He is the follower of fake prophet. I am sure ZH is pure and true Muslim. He is the practical example and true definition of a real Muslim. Just few mentally ill and physio patients against him. But We love ZH. may Allah protect him and success him in his Holy misson.

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