What’s the difference between a mediocre and successful person’s mindset

The Middle Class competes…the World Class creates.What's the difference between a mediocre and successful mindset

The Middle Class avoids risk…the World Class manages risk.

The Middle Class loves to be comfortable. The World Class is comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Middle Class hungers for security…The World Class doesn’t believe security exists.

The Middle Class sacrifices growth for safety. The World Class sacrifices safety for growth.

The Middle Class focuses on having…The World Class focuses on being.

The Middle Class is frustrated…The World Class is grateful.

The Middle Class has pipe dreams…The World Class has vision.

The Middle Class trades time for money…The World Class trades ideas for money.

The Middle Class is problem oriented…The World Class is solution oriented.

The Middle Class sees itself as a victim. The World Class sees itself as responsible.

The Middle Class thinks it knows enough…The World Class is eager to learn.

The Middle Class chooses fear…The World Class chooses growth.

Taken from: The Secrets of the World Class by Steve Siebold


A true champion!

“A true champion is not admired by their ability to fight. A true champion is admired by their ability to stand up in the face of adversity.”

John Cena

How to find Qibla from almost anywhere in the world?

This post is particularly gonna be of use for my Muslim brothers and sisters. Ever since I came to Sweden, I was perplexed about how I can find the correct direction of Qibla without having any compass and with the date and time where the Sun comes right above Kaaba, many many days away. So I did some searching over the internet and I came to this very useful tool someone made to find the correct direction of Kaaba (Qibla) from anywhere in the world. It’s an application built using Google Maps and what it simply does is that it shows you the direction of Kaaba with it being the center point. I really appreciate this application since I had the exact kind of idea in my mind. Without any further delays, you should have a look at http://www.qiblalocator.com/

Hope you find it useful.

How to Reach Peak Performance – How to Be the Best You Can Be

By:Dr. Raymond Comeau
How well or how badly we perform at any given moment depends mostly on the state of mind we were in at the time. Understanding that premise and understanding it well could be one of the most powerful lesson that we’ll ever learn in our lifetime.

Have you ever said anything, or come up with an idea that was simply brilliant? A time when you were so proud of yourself? And can you remember times when you said something that was silly beyond beliefs? Of course you can. So, what made the difference between these two incidents?

The difference was due to the state of mind that you were while those occurrences were taking place. In the first case, the one that you were so proud of, you were in a great and empowering state of mind. In the second case, where you could not believe how silly you could have been, you were simply in a silly state of mind.

The state of mind is the regulator of our performances. That is what makes the difference between acting brilliantly and being just plain dumb.

That fact is seen every day in professional sports. Two teams of almost equal talent and ability will compete and the team that will win will be the one who’s player had the best attitude or the best state of mind. It is true in sport, it is also true in everyday life.

The state of mind is the determining factor in the quality of of every performances. A great state of mind will produce fantastic results while a so-so state of mind will produce questionable results.

The question then becomes, “how can we increase the quality of the state of mind that we are currently are in?” How can we change a low key state of mind into a dynamic, energetic and most empowering one?

The state of mind is most influenced by three factors.

1. What we focus on.

2. What things mean for us.

3. Our body posture.

If we focus on something that is positive, exciting and uplifting, those neurons in our brain will get all fired up and our mood will follow suit. Our state of mind will also be positive, excited and uplifted. On the other hand, if we focus on the bad and the ugly, so will our state of mind.

Shakespeare said, “Nothing is either good or bad but out thinking makes it so.” We get to decide what things or events mean for us and if we chose to color positively any situation, the quality of our state of mind will automatically be uplifted.

And, last but not least, one of the most effective way of empowering our state of mind is, through body posture.

At any given moment, small receptors throughout our body are sending signals to the brain signaling information about our posture. If we are standing straight and erect with an air of confidence, that’s the message that the brain will receive. On the other hand, if we stand and have the posture of someone who is down and defeated, that’s also the message that the brain will receive.

By altering our body posture we can directly affect our state of mind. Great posture, great state of mind. Great posture accompanied by well chosen focus and a positive outlook on whatever is affecting us in the present will create a fantastic state of mind. That state of mind will then determine the quality of our performances.

It’s not always how intelligent, how smart or how educated we are that matters most in how we perform. All these factors will be under the influence of our state of mind. So, if we want to perform to the highest level that we are capable of, the first thing that needs attention is our state of mind. The quality of the performance always depends on it.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Author of ShamouBlog http://shamoublog.com/ and Administrator of Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.

Give yourself upto loneliness, fear nothing and work hard.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart. My most favorite wrestler ever, I grew up watching him. He’s been a real inspiration. Try and  dig in to the depth of the meanings of the words he said at the end of his speech at the Hall of Fame 2006 ceremony. That’s :-

The best chance you have if you wanna rise to the top, is to give yourself up to loneliness. Fear nothing, and work hard. One thing you’ll discover is that life is based less than you think on what you’ve learned, and much more than you think on what you have inside you right from the beginning.

The Downside to Being an Overachiever

You do it all. You play three sports; you belong to four clubs and hold officer positions in all of them; you volunteer at the local animal shelter, nursing home, and hospital; and you maintain straight A’s. Perhaps this scenario is somewhat exaggerated, but the truth is that more and more students today are becoming caught up in the trap of overachieving. Overachievers have plenty to put on a resume when it’s time to apply to colleges, but they pay a price. They lose a sense of balance, and the consequences can be severe.
The Negative Aspects of Overachieving
1. Loss of focus or passion
Overachievers are often spread quite thin. With only so many hours in the day and so much energy and effort to give, you have to divide your attention among a number of endeavors if you over schedule your time. When you feel
pressure to excel in every area, you may lose the chance to discover a genuine personal interest or talent as you attempt to master all
your activities. Consequently, you are likely to lose sight of what you truly like and to get less enjoyment from the things you do.

2. Poor physical health
The workload and time constraints of the typical over-achiever leave relatively little time for sleep. In fact, sleep deprivation is common among overscheduled students, with many of them sleeping less than six hours
per night. Excessively busy kids tend to suffer from poor eating habits, as well. If you don’t have the time to sit down to three solid meals per
day, you may have to grab food on the go, and such diets are often full of fats and sugar. Teens need sufficient sleep and nourishment to stay physically and mentally strong, so if you have too much to do, you may end up sacrificing your health.
3. Poor mental health
The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry states that “school demands and frustrations” and “taking on too many activities
or having too high expectations” are the leading causes of teenage stress. The desire to please others, as well as our culture’s clear emphasis on success, is creating a generation of workaholics who are draining themselves mentally and emotionally.

4. Unhealthy self-image
Overachievers often base their feelings of self-worth on their accomplishments. The more they do, and the more they do well, the better they feel about themselves. Reliance on external validation,
though, can be extremely harmful. If you focus on grades, test scores, awards,and other external markers of success, you can lose sight of your inner identity. Over-achieving frequently causes students to forget that self-
worth is measured from within rather than by what others think or say.

5. Problems getting into college
The majority of colleges indicate that they are looking for well-rounded students. Essentially, they prefer applicants who achieve balance among their academic pursuits, their extracurricular activities, and their personal
lives. When admissions officers look at resumes, they are attempting to assess leadership, commitment, and integrity. If you’re an over-
achiever, beware. More is not necessarily better.

How to Achieve Balance

1. Do what you like
Sit down and make a list of your commitments. Then, rank them according to how much you enjoy each one. Weed out the activities from which you gain little or no pleasure. Instead, create a schedule of activities that reflects your true interests and passions, and don’t be afraid to cut something out or
to say no if you’re being pressured to stay involved. In the end, you’ll be a happier person.

2. Schedule time to relax
If you never have a minute to rest or have fun, you are doing too much. Take a look at your calendar and carve out specific times to ease off your usually hectic pace. All work and no play will end up stressing you out.

3. Take care of yourself,
inside and out. Make sure that you eat healthy foods and that you get a sufficient amount of sleep each night. Also, remember that exercise is a
necessary ingredient for both a strong body and a strong mind. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take a break. Most importantly, ask for help when you need it. Parents, friends, teachers, and counselors are
all people to turn to if you start to experience burnout.

Article from www.collegeboard.com

Last days of Granada

About 1610 A.D. Muslim Empire in Spain had been confined to about one tenth of the country in south east – Granada and the outlying areas. The entire power of Christian Spain under King Ferdinand of Castile had besieged Granada. War had gone on for years. Its inhabitants were in great distress. General Musa bin Abil El Gazani was the commander-in-chief of the Granada army. He was for a fight to the finish. But the King of Granada, Abdullah El Zaquir had had it. So had the Vazir, Abdul Qasim Abdulmali. They had reconciled themselves to a deal with the Christians. General Musa bin Abil made the following speech before the King, his Vazir, Army officers and nobles:

 “Leave this useless weeping. Oh! Ye men of Granada, to the eyes of children and the delicate maidens! Let us be men, and consume our hearts, not in the shedding of unmanly tears, but in pouring forth our blood even to its latest drop. Let us go forth with the strength of desperation in our muscles and offering the breasts of brave men to the enemies’ lance, let us die in the battle as befits us. I am ready to lead you.

The Immortal Speech

Oh, my brethren, with a heart that shall not show death of the wherefore should we now refuse the honorable irresolution battlefield; better for us to be accounted by the coming world among the number of those who have been ready to die in defense of their country, than of those who stood inactive while their native land was given over to the grasp of the stranger, and who coldly looked on at the downfall of their country.

But if indeed our hearts fail us, if we have not the valour that would urge us to go forth in a last effort for our homes, then let us listen to these base conditions with the patience of heart and serenity of countenance which become us as men, and let him who can do so bend his neck to the hard yoke of a perpetual and debasing slavery.

I see well that the spirit of the multitude hath become feeble; their hearts have sunk; there is no means left for escaping the loss of the empire; but there is ever one refuge for the breast of the noble- he can seek shelter in death; and I prefer to die while in freedom, rather than to live for the sorrows to come.

For do you believe that the Christians will be faithful to the promises they make you? Will the King who hath led them to conquest be as generous a victor as he is a fortunate enemy? Be certain he will not. Do not deceive yourselves; these Christians are thirsting for our blood, and they will sufficiently appease their desire for that sacrifice. Death is the least of the evils that menace you: more fearful are the torments and humiliation which our inimical fortune is preparing for us; the plunder and sack of our houses, the desecration of our mosques; the outrage and degradation of our wives and daughters; cruel in wrongs of every kind; unjust demands; oppressive enactment; tolerance and the burning pile of the bigot, on which these Infidels will not fail to consume our miserable bodies. All these things we shall see with our eyes; those will see them, that is to say, who now fear the honorable death I propse- for myself by Allah! I shall not see them.”

The brave man looked around him, but met no responsive glance; he made a last effort, and added the following words:

“Death is certain to all, and very near to every man here present: why, therefore, should we not employ the short time that remains to us , in seeking vengeance of our enemies? Up, my brethren! Let us die in the defense of our liberty: our mother earth will receive that which she hath produced, or if to any of us there shall be given no grave to conceal him, there will at least not be wanting the heaven that shall cover him. God forbid that any man should affirm that the nobles of Granada to have proved incapable of dying for their country.”

Over there in Granada, in 1610, nobody stirred. General Musa El- Ghazani got up, proceeded to his house, took his arms and horse, mounted, rode to the Elvira gate, and charged the Christian beleaguers. Thereafter, none saw him again. He was the greatest son of Granada.