How to get the special characters from keyboard?

ANSI secrets


Ever wondered how to get special characters like ©, ® or ™ in your document? You don’t need any special software installed. Windows has it’s own inbuilt character map utility, which you can use to identify individual special characters. Using copy and paste you can insert them into your document. However, this is a very slow procedure, and it is much quicker to use the ALT key for those characters which are used frequently.


For example, [CTRL]+[ALT]+[C] gives ©. Similarly, [CTRL]+[ALT]+[R] gives ® and [CTRL]+[ALT]+[T] gives ™ .


Special characters are usually entered using the numeric keypad and a 4-digit ANSI code. Each character is allocated a particular slot, and the character in that slot can be inserted by pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard, or by holding down the Alt key and tapping 0 followed by ‘nnn’ on the numeric keypad where ‘nnn’ is the 3-digit code for each special character.


For e.g., to get the pound symbol (£):

  • Press and hold the [ALT] key
  • Type 0163 on the numeric keypad on the right
  • Release the [ALT] key to see the symbol



List of ASCII Symbols