A Nice Javascript Calendar Control for your applications

Javascript Calendar/DateTime Picker control
Javascript Calendar/DateTime Picker control

I got this nice little gadget from a friend of  mine who also didnt know where it originally came from. This one’s made by Nick Baicoianu in 2006 and distributed under the GNU license. It had problems with Firefox 3 where it wasn’t showing anything in the dropdown for the years. Upon closer inspection I found out that it was using the getYear() function which was returning 3 digit values for years in Firefox 3 — So you had to either detect it first and add 1900 to it but this wasnt a very good looking solution to me so I started looking for other options and I came up with the getFullYear() function. It returns the proper 4 digit year notation in all browsers. So now its compatible with IE 7, FF2, FF3, Chrome, Opera and Safari as well.

Its a handy little gadget to have in your arsenal. I like it very much. Hope you’ll like it as well.

P.S: The download contains the include folder which has the js and css files for the calendar.

Download the Code