Windows 98: Just made the day.

well, yesterday I was to format my C drive and for that some dumb nut just gave me an idea of formatting it by booting the computer up with a Windows 98 CD, starting with the help of CD ROM Support and formatting the God damn drive. What happend is that it just slipped out of my mind that my C was actually an NTFS formatted drive. So when I gave it the command

format c:

it was actually formatting my D drive which had all of my data, my projects, songs, games and everything.
So now I’m enjoy a nice cool day in the office, sitting all ends screwd up getting everything installed again.

I’ll count that in as one of my worst days at Vizteck.


Author: Imran Akram

A .NET/SharePoint Consultant and a political enthusiast who believes in putting the feet of the elected and/or unelected officials to fire in order to get good governance.

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